It's 2018 and we're living in a world of rating a restaurant by how instagrammable it is. I mean, if we're being honest, everything we do is lowkey based on whether or not it will look good on our Instagram feed. I am guilty of this and I have no shame in it. I haven't been disappointed by any of it as of yet, but I have been blown away by many. This week, I am ALL ABOUT the mac and cheese. 


This is the one and only picture I'm going to give on this post because A) the food was so flipping good I was way too distracted to get anything else and B) I really just want all of you to focus on the mac and cheese in this picture. It tasted a million times better than it looks. I promise.

I found Mac'd by chance scrolling through my facebook feed. Obviously my phone knows to show me the important stuff. Now, I love a good mac and cheese based restaurant so I would have tried this place anyway, but the thing that had me texting my boyfriend immediately to make plans to go was the fact that they put hot cheetos on top. HOT. CHEETOS. 

MAC’D is a fast-casual build-your-own mac & cheese concept that empowers you to get creative.
— getmacd.com

If you do plan on going, which I highly recommend, be prepared to wait, especially on the weekends. We got there right when it opened and waited 30 minutes before we got to order. The good thing about it is if you see the line and think you might want to wait until it goes down a bit, it's in the Marina District which means plenty of stores and pubs. The line doesn't really feel that long though and it just gives you more time to really think about what you want because the options are insane. 

What I liked most about it, is they really give you the option to get creative. Not that I ever want to compare anything to Chipotle, but that is essentially what they're doing. Even more amazing is they don't limit you to a certain amount of toppings. You want chicken, bacon, hot dogs and chorizo? You got it, dude. Parmesan and Hot Cheetos? Why the heck not! Creativity is key in everything and Mac'd lets you feel the power. They have multiple types of sauces, I recommend the buffalo, meats - the bacon is always a good choice, vegetables - broccoli anyone?, and toppings - seriously, the hot cheetos. The best part is they bake everything into your mac before they give it to you, so it comes out hot, mixed in and just, all kinds of perfect.

And what goes better with mac and cheese than a pitcher of beer or spiked lemonade? This place is fairly small, but it is a great place to spend a Friday night with some friends after a long day of work. So, if you're ever in San Francisco and feel inclined to eat some Mac and Cheese, Get Mac'd because you will not be disappointed. I'm pretty big on Mac and Cheese, Hattie B's in Nashville held the title of the best I've ever had for a long while but I think this place has it beat. Thankfully it's just across the bridge and I can satisfy my cravings whenever I feel like it. 

That's it for this post but let me know in the comments below where your favorite Mac and Cheese is! If you've ever gone to a restaurant because Facebook told you to, I want to know I'm not alone so leave that below, too. I'll see you guys next week for a very late December favorites.