Coffee Shop Series - Hollow SF

We're going to try something out here because it's me and coffee has quickly turned into a pivotal part of my life over the past couple of years. I will admit, despite my years working as a barista, I'm not the most knowledgable on the stuff. I can give you the basics, but a coffee connoisseur? That is definitely not me. 

What I can do is give you my thoughts on coffee shops around the places I live and travel to. These posts will be all about the coffee shop aesthetic. That's a thing, right? Well, I'm making it one because I live for finding cute little coffee shops and I am a HUGE believer in supporting local businesses over Starbucks or Peets any day. Luckily my two homes, San Francisco and San Diego, are filled with these so I have quite a few to get this Coffee Shop Series started. 

Stop one in this series is the cutest, smallest, most rustic shop in San Francisco - Hollow Cafe. 


Those of you who like to hunker down with a laptop, you're going to have to leave it at home if you venture out to this one. They don't have wifi - BEFORE YOU LEAVE JUST TRUST ME - you'll understand why once you step inside. The whole 'no wifi' thing fits with the rustic feel this place puts out. The best way I can describe their cafe is...tiny hallway/mountain cottage? I know that doesn't sound appealing to some people but this is the place to go if you want to sit down, talk to each other without all of that technology, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee (or tea if you're not an espresso junkie). 

They only have four small round tables inside so if you go on a busy day, finding a seat might be difficult. I'll let you in on a little insider secret though. Walk past the bar toward the back of the shop and make a left when you're halfway down the hallway - MORE SEATS. I don't think people really know about this because every time I go in, there is literally zero people in the back. Which is so strange to me because not only does it open up a bit and make you feel less claustrophobic, but you can see the cute handmade crafts and soaps this place also sells from the shop nextdoor! That's also a little known fact. You're not only supporting your local small business with their coffee (Ritual Coffee Roasters), but you're able to support local artisans - including chocolatiers! And who doesn't love chocolate, amirite??


 My personal drink here is typically just a regular iced latte. They get their beans from Ritual Coffee Roasters which has some of the best espresso in the city so you can't go wrong with something basic. However, I highly suggest you take a look at their specialty drinks. Two of the drinks they're known for are the vanilla bean latte and butterscotch latte. The butterscotch is actually made in house everyday and if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely go with the butterscotch. I'm not a huge fan of sweet, but this has the perfect balance of everything. It's definitely one of my favorite drinks to treat myself with when I'm feeling adventurous. 

So, next time you're hanging out in San Francisco and are looking for a cute little local shop to get some coffee, make your way to the Inner Sunset District and stop by Hollow Cafe. I promise it won't disappoint.