Why 'This is Us' ACTUALLY IS All Of Us

NBC's 'This is Us' has been around for 2 seasons now and I think we can all agree that the Super Bowl Sunday episode had us all crying out for a different 'Jack' than the one we lost in Titanic 20 years ago. No, this is not a post you will typically see on my blog and I'm not quite sure where it fits, but after the first five minutes of last night's episode, I had to write about it. 


Admittedly, when I first watched the episode, I had to turn it off after Jack emerged from the fire holding Louie and take a break. During that break, I asked myself why I was sitting alone in front of the tv bawling my eyes out when nobody had even died yet. Then it hit me.

Jack Pearson is my dad. 

What makes 'This is Us' so relatable to so many people and has us coming back every week for emotional turmoil is the fact that within the Pearson family lives a little bit of us and our family. Essentially, the show is all of us. But I did realize that throughout the entire two seasons up to this point, I've held on to Jack Pearson more than any other character and even more so his relationship with Kate. Now, not everything in the show is exactly mirrored to events in my family, thankfully. I've had more than 17 years of memories with my dad and I'm still making them. 

Jack Pearson is the heart and soul of his family and that, that is exactly what my dad is. He's been through hardships, not unlike Jack. We've gone through scary times of almost losing him, he's been there for my siblings and I as the backbone when we thought our family was falling apart. There was a quote that Kate said in this episode that made me cry just as hard as the opening scene had and it is the most perfect quote that I could say for my dad.

In the scariest moments of our lives he couldn’t bear to disappoint me...
— Kate Pearson, This is Us, 2.14

When I was 15, I found out that my dad had been diagnosed with cancer and I thought the entire world was ending. I couldn't - I still can't - bear the thought of losing my dad and it was honestly the scariest moment of my life, to this day. Even writing about it now, I feel this horrible dark cloud over me. Through all of that, while he was fighting for his life and going through what I'm sure was the hardest and scariest part of his own life, his strength never faltered. He couldn't bear to disappoint me and he stayed strong in front of me. He promised he wasn't going anywhere and he has yet to break any promise he's ever made.

This post started out as a review of the episode and how we all have a bit of the Pearson's in us, but I realize now it has turned into a post about how my dad is San Diego's own Jack Pearson. So, if you're still reading this, thanks for sticking through this semi love letter to my dad. 

He is the strongest, the funniest, the kindest, the weirdest. All of my strength comes from him and I can only dream of being as good of a parent as he has been to me all these years. So, to my dad, the man of my life and the reason I love hard, laugh hard, and believe in my biggest dreams, thank you for never disappointing me in the scariest moments of my life. I have loved you since the day I was born and I can't thank you enough for everything you've done. 

So, whether it's Jack Pearson who represents your dad, your mom, your brother or uncle - or anyone else in the Pearson family that represents someone important in your life, 'This is Us' is the one show on tv right now that has us willingly giving our hearts up every week and making us appreciate these people even more. Hopefully I wasn't the only one who got sappy and puffy from crying so much. 

Down below are some pictures of my dad and I just to wrap this up. Honestly, this post makes no kind of sense and I realize that. Like I said, thanks for sticking through it. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts and coping mechanisms for 'This is Us' or about your personal Jack or Rebecca. I'd love to hear them! (I promise the next post is going to be upbeat and probably about good food.)